Privacy Policy

Like any website, we love to meet privacy laws and we care deeply about transparency and data protection. Therefore we ask you to read through our carefully constructed privacy policy before making use of any features that may gather data from you. If you have any questions and, or concerns beyond what this privacy policy covers, please mail to

Data collection

TesFlash does not automatically gather any data from it’s visitors without them knowingly submitting this data themself. Amongst the services in this website gathering data is our contact form. Additionally, we use a third party service to provide a comment section under each of our posts known as “Disquss”. Please read their privacy policy here.

The data collected by our contact form consists only of the data provided to us, regardless of the provided accuracy of this data. This includes the sender’s full name, e-mail address, subject and the message. This data will be sent to us through Netlify, and can only be accessed by the website owner - Spyro.