About Spyro

Hi! I’m Spyro. I live in The Netherlands and am enthusiastic about researching topics such as psychology, vehicles, space exploration and more! In my journey of understanding these, and many other intriguing topics i wanted to share my experiences, as well as have a central place for guides, information and more made by me explicitly. I of course can’t always promise that information on this blog is accurate, but i will always try my best to make it as accurate as possible.

Enough about the blog! Some things about myself

I am currently 16 and have lived in The Netherlands since my birth. I have lived a relatively normal life like anyone, but have always tried to stay ahead and teach myself new things such as programming. From a young age i’ve taken interest in helping people, programming and generally doing good and, or helpful things for others. I speak dutch fluently and taught myself fluent english!

Work Experience